Propane Storage Tanks

At Waterford Tank and Fabrication we meet a variety of LPG and NGL storage needs in a variety of standard and custom configurations of above-ground propane tanks. At Waterford Tank and Fabrication, we construct each of our propane tanks to the highest industry standards to meet virtually any customer specification.

At Waterford, our propane storage tanks are available in standard sizes that range from 18,000 to 30,000 gallons, with custom built options available upon request. Waterford’s propane tanks are manufactured by using carbon steel, and are available in lengths from 40 ft. to 66 ft., widths from 9 ft. to 11.5 ft., and weights from 30,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. Waterford’s propane tanks can handle operating pressures up to 250 PSI and temperatures up to 125°F. Waterford’s capabilities can include a variety of different configurations for your customized project.

At Waterford, each ASME propane tank is tested and certified with ASME U and R stamp authorizations. Our lead times for these tanks range from 45 days to 120 days depending on the individual project and size of the order.

To learn more about Waterford’s Propane Tanks or our custom fabrication services please contact us directly regarding your next project.

Propane Storage Tanks

Waterford Tank and Fabrication brings years of experience to the tank building industry and can meet your LPG and NGL storage needs today. Every new and custom fabricated Waterford pressure vessel is manufactured to the highest quality standards and constructed in full accordance with the latest edition of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Code, section VIII, Division 1 for 250 PSIG MAWP.

All of our fabricated vessels meet or exceed all Division 1 requirements for design, materials, fabrication, welding and forging, inspection and go through our strict quality control measures ensure proper testing.

All Waterford finished tanks are tested and certified, National Board code stamped and registered.

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Waterford Tank & Fabrication: Capability: Custom Above Ground Storage Tanks

Tank Type

  • Propane
  • Holding Tank
  • Pump Tank
  • Reservoir Tank


  • Propane

Construction Material

  • Carbon Steel

Fabrication Method

  • Welded

Tank Ports

  • Drain Port
  • Fill Port
  • Level Indication Port
  • Relief Valve Port


  • Horizontal


  • Cylindrical
  • Round
  • Tube

End Types

  • Elliptical


  • Anti-Climb Devices
  • Drains
  • Hand Rails
  • Inlet/Outlet Piping
  • Ladders
  • Safety Climbs

Tank Size

  • 18,000
  • 30,000
  • Custom gallons available


  • Min: 40 ft.
  • Max: 66 ft.


  • Min: 9 ft.
  • Max: 11.5 ft.


  • Min: 30,000 lb.
  • Max: 60,000 lb.

Operating Pressure

  • 250 PSI

Operating Temperature

  • 125˚F


  • Above Ground


  • Valves and Fittings Available
  • Standard Nozzle Configurations
  • Installation Kits Available
  • Monitoring System

Intended Application

  • Propane Storage and Disbursement

Typical Lead Times Available

  • Min: 45 Days
  • Max: 120 Days

Industry Focus

  • Industrial
  • Petrochemical

Industry Standards

  • ASME "U" Stamp Authorization
  • ASME "R" Stamp of Authorization

File Formats

  • AlphaCAM (AMD,ATD)
  • AutoCAD (DWG,DWZ)
  • DXF
  • PDF
  • TIFF