Frac Tanks For Water Storage

Our vertical frac tanks and horizontal frac tanks successfully store water used in the downhole fracturing process to extract oil or gas from shale or other permeable formations. Our skidded or saddled frac tanks are manufactured in 210, 300 and 400 BBL sizes for your convenience.

What’s it used for:

When drilling for oil coal, natural gas, or any other type of fossil fuel many drilling companies use fracturing where frac tanks are vital for this type of job. Fracturing uses a drill to penetrate into many layers of rocks beneath the ground to reach the needed natural resource. The process of drilling uses strong pressures from fluid.

The term “frac” is short for “fracture” and has a generic term of steel mobile storage for containing and securing liquids. During the drilling of a well, large quantities of liquids are required for storing near the well.

These tanks are typically used in holding water when fracturing a well and can be use for other proppant materials as well.

Frac Tanks For Water Storage